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Yankees pitcher Hiroki Kuroda Does Not Enjoy Playing Baseball

Yankees pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, who used to run like Forrest Gump as punishment in Japan and then hydrate with polluted water, tells the NY Post that he has never enjoyed playing baseball:

“I’ve never enjoyed playing baseball; never enjoyed pitching, to be honest with you,” Kuroda said. “Whether it’s a spring training game, a regular season game, I put pressure on myself to be as normal as I can.”

He added, “I’m not saying this because I’m with the Yankees,” Kuroda said. “This has been all throughout my professional career. There’s a lot of responsibility as a starting pitcher, so rather than enjoy myself out there, I feel like I have to fulfill my responsibilities and that’s my priority.”

Because the starter has lacked command recently, reporters asked if he was injured or tired due to the long MLB season. “I feel fine,” said Kuroda. “At this point in the season, you can’t really make any adjustments. I’ll take what I’ve learned in the season and apply it to how I feel that day.”

Just like your job.

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