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Barclays Center food like the sloth -- Slow & Hairy: NY Post

The New York Post's Steve Cuozzo headed to the Barclays Center last week during Nets / Celtics. And while he found the food on the whole "better on average than typical sports-venue food courts — and tons better than tourist-trap franchises" -- he also found the service painfully slow. [Forget the 24-second clock — bring an hourglass. When you’re dying to get back to the game, your server may digress into moving cardboard trays around.]

But for a brand new venue, managed by the experienced Levy Restaurants (a national food-service giant that manages the concessions at places like Walt Disney Resorts in Orlando, Fla., and the Staples Center in LA.) -- see how these reviews grab you:


The line was short, but the wait was 20 minutes at this outpost of the Manhattan-based Italian family restaurant (although the Scottos are firmly rooted in Brooklyn) as the women behind the counter did everything — except take care of customers. When I finally got one’s attention, she vanished behind a wall to deliver the order to the cooks — the same primitive form of communication as at some other stands.

“Mom’s chicken meatball sliders” ($11.50) looked tempting on glazed brioche buns. Alas, the eerie red gravy-soaked contents “smashed with shaved pecorino” did not taste like chicken, but like industrial-quality fowl cut with filler. A mysterious medicinal undertaste brought on “ewwws.”

I dreaded zucchini and potato chips with “gooey” gorgonzola cheese ($9.75). I decided to skip them when the couple next to me returned theirs.

What was wrong? “Hair.”

The interests of science have their limits.


The Grill, whose menu is generally inspired by the neighborhood, was the only counter with no line at all the other night.

But maybe it was because word had got around about the chicken tenders ($9.75) — sodden, leaden-battered affairs served with flavorless and greasy french fries to match.

Meanwhile, a side of chili cheese fries with “homemade chipotle” ($6.75) was just gross. The Levy group needs to rethink this operation before it chases the crowd away for good.

Hair and industrial-quality cock? Maybe a new Jay-Z song somewhere in there.

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