Boomer Esiason's 10th job? "AS*HOLE": Sid Rosenberg | Bob's Blitz

Boomer Esiason's 10th job? "AS*HOLE": Sid Rosenberg

And you thought WFAN, DialGlobal/Westwood One, The Experts Network CBS, WEEI et al. man Boomer Esiason's frequent derision of Sid Rosenberg's radio career was all in good fun. Sid, in New York for some WFAN work this past holiday weekend, seems to have had enough of the contemptuous ridicule & mockery:

Apparently Sid joins Al Michaels with that opinion. Spectacular! (As is Rosenberg's very real Twitter account.)

4 months later, Craig Carton joined Sid and Rosenberg admitted, "I don't like Boomer Esiason very much...he was Terry Bradshaw's little bitch." Before saying that he does not appreciate Boomer comparing him to Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden."

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