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Dickie V v Phil Mushnick

Last week Phil Mushnick ripped Dick Vitale for having blinders on when it came to Maryland sophomore Dezmine Wells:

“An explosive athlete by way of Xavier, was just declared eligible by the NCAA,” Dick Vitale hollered. “Santa Claus arrived very early for [coach] Mark Turgeon and the Terps!”

Yeah, Santa Claus. Vitale gave no explanation for why Wells came “by way of Xavier,” but the truth is, he was kicked out of Xavier.

First, there was his featured role in last season’s indoor street fight between Cincinnati and Xavier, for which Wells was suspended four games. That brawl, the ugliest event of the entire Division I season, was shown and discussed innumerable times for over a week on ESPN. Were we supposed to have forgotten?

Months later, Wells was dismissed from Xavier for what the University Conduct Board determined to be a flagrant “violation of the student code of conduct.” The allegation against Wells — for sexual assault — was then brought before an Ohio grand jury, which cleared Wells of all charges.

Dick heard about the charges and tweeted:

Sometimes. Phil mentioned Dave O'Brien:

During the game, play-by-play man Dave O’Brien mentioned Wells was expelled from Xavier following sexual assault allegations that were not prosecuted, and that Maryland twice lobbied the NCAA to let him play this season.

Vitale: “The NCAA made the right decision. ... I’d really like to see the transfer rule changed. I think that if a coach agrees that a kid should transfer — that he’s not getting any playing time — that kid should be allowed to play, immediately.”

Dick followed up with another tweet:

One may be curious why someone with 400,000 Twitter followers (Dick) only had 6 re-tweets of the first tweet. Perhaps because according to Status People -- 13% of his followers are fake. Like Dick.

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