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Douchejuice with no Twitter followers "won't let" Costco employees check his membership card

Adam P. wrote One man's defiant Costco run for the Orange County Register. Seems he doesn't let the warehouse company check is receipt on the way out and he won't let employees check his membership card on the way in.

I have a Costco membership and go a few times per year. However, I am not an avid discount warehouse shopper like a lot of other people I know.

Specifically, I do not appreciate being asked to show my card on entry and then my receipt upon exiting. In fact, I ignore these requests every time. Anyone who has been with me on a Costco run is either entirely amused or very embarrassed by my behavior.

It all starts as I take several sanitary wipes from the dispenser at the entry door so I can sanitize the handle of the cart. (Studies show that shopping cart handles are home to everything from the common cold virus to microscopic particles of fecal matter.)

Then I push my cart, with purpose, through the entry threshold. This is usually when a card checker says, "Sir, I need to see your card." I ignore him or her and press forward.

With two or three more attempts at getting my attention, and with escalating decibels of "Sir!" being shouted, another member will usually tap me on the shoulder to let me know the card checker needs to speak with me.

I thank them politely but continue on my way. The member, who thinks they were being helpful, oftentimes acts befuddled and gives the impression of feeling slighted that I didn't hurry back like a good little sheep would do.

Once I am in the store, no one bothers me. I make my way through the aisles, filling my cart as all the other shoppers do until I am uneasy about having enough money to cover the cost of what I am buying.

Costco doesn't have the big roided up guys check security that you see at a club in NYC. They need one.

Oh, and Adam doesn't let them check his receipt on the way out either.

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