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Faux Francesa Twitter handle MikeFrancesaNY & Matthew Funtime in today's NY Daily News

The NY Daily News has a piece today on the couple that runs the MikeFrancesaNY twitter account and the picture featured is by Blitz official Photochopper, Matthew Funtime.

“We are just bored guys at work that love Mike for some inexplicable reason,” the anonymous duo behind the account says. “And we have fun making fun of him but we actually love the guy.”

“A lot of it is pretty easy,” they say about translating Francesa’s talk. “If a word ends in ER you make it A. We put lots of random Ws into words. It’s almost a second language at this point.”

Bernie Augustine continues:

But the full Francesa Twitter experience isn’t complete without the names. Newly-minted Cy Young award winner R.A. Dickey is Arway Dickey; Mark Teixeira is Mock Tecks Sherar; Albert Pujols is Pull Holes; J.R. Smith is J.R.’s Myth; Yankees manager Joe Girardi is Georgia Roddy.

“Someone was watching Mike with closed caption on, and instead of Joe Girardi, it said ‘Georgia Roddy’ on the screen,” they say in explaining how one of their best names fell right into their laps. “After that we decided to spell stuff as ridiculously as possible.”

One of Francesa’s most memorable fumbling of a name, the Alberto Jose Albuquerque (Al B. Quirky) fiasco during the Yankees’ 2011 ALDS series against the Tigers, was a huge (yuge) moment for the account, with their Tweets being retweeted 50 and 100 times. It’s moments like that — his infamous Darrelle Revis interview, his recent on-air nap and the fallout from Superstorm Sandy (he got the Marathon cancelled, you know) — where they see their followers jump.

But while they take liberties with what Francesa says, and are due their fair share of credit for the account’s success, credit must still be given to the source material provided by Francesa himself.

“The fact that he believes he is never wrong really helps,” they say about the Diet Coke-addicted host. “It makes him lose his cool very easily. I think it’s his arrogance, his lack of preparation but know-it-all attitude, that makes it easy to spoof him.”

“He has done a lot of things for the city,” they say. “He brought Mike Piazza to the Mets, won Super Bowl rings with Bill Parcells and brought us the NFL Network.

Bernie adds, "And if you’re wondering how WFAN feels about all of this, you’re not alone. We called to find out what they think of the pontiff being prodded and they claim that the account is off their radar."

Bullshit. Producers follow a select number of blogs and Twitter handles and feed info back to Mike.

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