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Met Life lights burned bright while New Jersey is burned out

We're not going into the devastation that has occurred on Staten Island, Coney Island, and the Jersey Shore because that is a whole other level of pain. But the bullshit of watching East Rutherford's Met Life Stadium burn bright for a Giants game while South Amboy, South Brunswick, and large portions of East Windsor remained completely dark is something we've never seen before. And, based on the websites of the towns mentioned - neither have they.

South Amboy? Much of the town is dark. Forget the website - it is one of the worst in the country...

East Windsor -- not much has changed this weekend. And officials are pissed off:

East Windsor officials have been aggressively in regular contact with JCP&L officials, and power has been restored in some areas of the Township. Please know that East Windsor officials and the Mayor have been contacting JCP&L 2 to 3 times a day, as well as state and county officials, and JCP&L is not communicating any status, progress or timelines at this time. Since Thursday mid-day, we have received NO information whatsoever. This is really not an appropriate strategy by JCP&L, and we are as frustrated as our residents. We will continue these efforts and report information as received.

We are told that residents should contact JCP&L for updated information or to report any concerns. The website address is The telephone number for general information is 800-662-3115. The telephone number to report any service concerns is 888-544-4877.

The above was followed by:

East Windsor officials remain aggressive in maintaining contact with JCP&L representatives in an attempt to obtain the current information related to East Windsor power outage status, progress and timelines, including another conference call this morning by Mayor Mironov with Governor Christie. Mayor Mironov was promised by JCP&L executives additional progress and a community schedule today, but thus far no further information has been received. We will continue our active efforts to assist our community and will share information as received. Thank you all for your understanding.

East Windsor Township continues to monitor the status of power restoration within the Township. We have been aggressive in attempting to gain specific information directly from JCP&L to pass on to our residents and we will continue throughout the day. We will be sending an updated ENews this evening with updated information.

Nice work, JCP&L. 7-11, STS Tire, and many, many other businesses have been closed since Monday. Nice way to bankrupt folks.

South Brunswick? Many are without power and water.

Mayor Frank Gambatese, Township Manager Bernhard Hvozdovic, and OEM Director Raymond Hayducka requested and received a conference call with the PSE&G Regional Manager for South Brunswick Township. During the conference call they emphasized the hardship endured by our local residents and businesses and urged a response from the utility company. PSE&G responded by sending additional crews out immediately and indicated they would remain in the town until power was fully restored.

Nice. And those areas didn't see a single wave.

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