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U.S. Soccer Announces New Women's Soccer League for 2013

What better day to create buzz in a new women's soccer league than the day before Thanksgiving? Seattle, Portland, Boston, Western New York, New Jersey (Sky Blue), Kansas City, Chicago and Washington D.C. are getting the teams of yet another new women's soccer league that will launch next year.

U.S. Soccer, the Canadian Soccer Association, and FMF (Mexico’s soccer federation, Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación, A. C.) will fund the league.

“The model is quite different [then other failed female leagues], both in terms of the sorts of players you might go out and get internationally, in terms of marketing and promotional efforts and maybe in terms of some of the stadiums,” US Soccer president Sunil Gulati said on a conference call to announce the new endeavor. “What we need is a sustainable model: less hype, better performance. The hype will come if we have the performance.”

FOX Sports adds, "Gulati and his counterparts in Canada and Mexico committed significant financial resources to get this league off the ground. All three federations will fund the participation of a significant number of their national team stars – up to 24 US national teamers, up to 16 Canadian regulars and a minimum of 12 Mexican players – to ensure those integral figures will receive frequent match action at a high standard of play ahead of the 2015 World Cup."

“The one thing that has absolutely not changed is the teams' commitment to professional training and a professional environment for the players,” Boston Breakers managing partner Michael Stoller said. “This is a true professional league and standard of play.”

Hey, where else are Abby Wambach, Hope Solo and the rest of the potential 2015 competitors going to earn $45k per year?

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