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Greg McElroy’s Mom not the biggest Jets fan

OK, the Jets - Cardinals game can officially be stamped the AMBIEN CR® game. Where was Greg McElroy's mom as he warmed up on the sidelines Sunday? She was conked out in the bedroom.

“It was surreal,” said [Greg]McElroy Sr., the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Dallas Cowboys, from his Valley Ranch office. “She gets all crazy and jumps up and we run into the living room. Coming out of the commercial break, sure enough you see him warming up. Our hearts started pounding and beating and getting a little shaky. Just two nervous wrecks. But it was exciting.”

As to the backup's future, dad is happy with the present:

“If Mark plays, that’s great,” McElroy Sr. said. “He’s happy being the backup or third-string — whatever Rex wants to do. I know he’ll just do what he’s done the first 11 games and just work hard and prepare and at least he got to play in a game. You can always say, ‘Hey, I threw a touchdown pass in the NFL.’ So regardless of whatever happens at this point, he can say, ‘I threw a touchdown pass with the New York Jets.’ There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s pretty cool. Not a lot of people can say that. But if Rex decides to give him the ball, I know he’ll work hard and prepare and do the best he can.”

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