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Man killed by slow, loud street sweeper after Brooklyn Nets game

Ronald Sinvil, 36, died following the Brooklyn Nets double overtime win Friday night as he attempted to cross Flatbush Avenue (near Atlantic Avenue) and was run over by a slow moving street sweeper. The Post report is bizarre to say the least:

[Sinvil] was at first able to get back onto the curb when he heard the driver honking his horn and yelling at him, police sources said.

The driver, who was headed northbound on Flatbush, then believed he was in the clear and continued on his path.

As the machine was passing by, a confused Sinvil suddenly fell into the vehicle, and was sucked up by the rear tire, the sources said.

The vehicle was going only a few miles per hour — though they can top out at 25 mph while cleaning.

"The victim did not attend the game — but his death rocked sports fans and neighbors, who are still adjusting to the new arena’s sometimes-rowdy crowd." Locals found the circumstances odd to say the least:

“If you allow yourself to get run over by a street sweeper, there’s something wrong,” said student Brittany McDonald, 18.

Cops did not immediately know whether Sinvil, who died at Kings County Hospital, was intoxicated — but Brooklynites had their suspicions.

“It’s weird. Sweepers are so loud and slow — the guy couldn’t have been surprised by it,” said Web developer Nick Schultz, 24.


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