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Page 6 claims Jeter 'still pigging out,' pic says otherwise

A blown midrift and the NY Post was all over the Derek Jeter is a fat bastard theme. They even continued mocking today on Page 6:

"Derek Jeter pigging out"

Derek Jeter, looking portlier than usual, has been enjoying the food in Miami. The Yankee shortstop, who has been using a walking boot to protect the left ankle he broke in the playoffs last season, was seen tasting chef Jose Andres’ dishes at The Bazaar in South Beach with two friends. According to a spy, they spent the evening sipping Ketel One cocktails and tasting a selection of items from the menu. Jeter was photographed in The Post late last week looking like he had put on some extra weight.

SportsGrid however begs to differ (and has a Harold Reynolds tweeted pic to 'prove' the captain is thin as a rail).

Look, they're not hugging a newspaper with the date proving when this was taken so...the controversy continues. And not just the question of where those hair plants wound up going. (We're still curious just how his wrist is able to hold on to that Series 800 Movado.)

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