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49ers v Pats in Super Bowl XLVII: Boomer Esiason

You sort of knew this if you listened to Boomer & Carton this morning but Esiason confirmed his pick with Dennis & Callahan today:

“This is a really good [49ers] football team,” Esiason said. “The question is, now Colin Kaepernick‘s got to go on the road [to Atlanta]. The last time he played on the road was against Seattle; he did not look very good. So that’s always going to be the wild card, when you travel with a young quarterback, and somebody who didn’t play that well on the road the last time.

“When I look at the Patriots from an offensive perspective, I think it’s the best team that they’ve ever had — the complement of players,” Esiason said. “Even with Gronkowski out and Danny Woodhead out and Julian Edelman out, guys like Shane Vereen step up, Stevan Ridley had a great game yesterday, there were couple of catches that [Wes] Welker made that we’ve all become used to, and then of course Aaron Hernandez, and you realize how good that offensive line is. I would sit here and argue with anybody: Over the life of the [Tom] Brady-[Bill] Belichick decade here that this is clearly — I don’t want to say clearly — but I feel pretty confident that it’s the best offense they’ve got.”

“So, I like San Francisco and New England. I thought yesterday was going to be closer than the Monday night game, and it was a little bit. But I think you could see the difference between the Patriots and the Texans is clearly at the quarterback position. And certainly it showed itself yesterday.”

So there you go. We're taking Pats and the Falcons.

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