FSU's softball team danced to Thriller, Beat it during halftime this weekend in Tallahassee

TALLAHASSEE, FL -- Duke men's basketball downed Florida State 79-60, but it was halftime when the real fun took place as Monica Perry (above left) and the rest of FSU's softball team took to the court in a Michael Jackson tribute.

Funny story? Senior Morgan Bullock adds, "Adversity is a great word to describe our halftime performance last Saturday. While Coach Alameda's microphone didn't work, the announcer announced in the middle of our dance and the audience thought we were finished long before our number was over we pushed through and kept dancing. In a way, while our chances of getting onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show are a little low (there's still hope), that experience was a great learning lesson for us. We are never absolutely positive about what will come of our season but we can be positive about how we have prepared."


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