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Someone Compared Boomer & Carton to Mike & Mike and gave the latter 4 'A' grades

The Empire Writes Back's (and NY Knicks Blogger) Kevin Metz took on the task of reviewing and comparing Boomer & Carton to the Mike and Mike Show. He got some right:

Like similar shows Boomer & Carton’s popularity comes from the combination of level-headed straight man Boomer Esiason and funny man Craig Carton...Make no mistake about it, Boomer is the one driving the bus. At his best Carton has natural comedic timing, and offers great perspective on the New York sports scene. At his worst Carton can be a bit annoying at times, and even come across as arrogant. I’ll have a 6 month run where the sound of Craig Carton’s voice is the most annoying and objectionable sound in the world, then I’ll feel that way about Mike Greeneberg [sic] for the next 6 months.

Kevin got some wrong.:

[Mike & Mike] Grades:

Knowledge of overall sports landscape: A-

Knowledge of local sports scene: A

Humor: A

Guests: A+

And he summed up (completely ignoring Golic's stutter).:

Overall I think the edge goes to Mike and Mike in the morning for the following reasons.

1. Mike Greenberg has a humility about him, which makes him a great host even if his nasally voice makes you want to change the station.

2. Craig Carton can seem arrogant at times, and certainly lacks the humility and self deprecation that makes Greenberg pleasent [sic] to listen to.

3. Both shows have very good former players as co-hosts, making Mike Golic and Boomer essentially a wash. In a perfect world these two would host a show together and make the radio listeners of the world very happy on their daily drive into the office.

Concluding, "While both shows have their strength the personality of Craig Carton, coupled with the superior roster of guests of Mike and Mike push the ESPN duo over the edge."

Empire Writes Back...New York Sports Radio Face off : Part 1-The Morning Drive (and check back as he has the unenviable task of reviewing midday shows next)

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