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Yankees fan in Serious Condition after Assault at Camden Yards

25-year-old Matt Fortese of Hagerstown, Md. attended the Washington Nationals-Baltimore Orioles game on Wednesday at Camden Yards with Taylor Queen for the couple’s second date. Wearing a Yankees cap, the lifelong New York fan was reportedly verbally assaulted for about an hour. The taunting escalated into a fight in which Mortese was knocked over a 5 foot wall.

Fortese's family and Queen told the Sun that one of the men threw a beer at the couple, resulting in an argument. Police said that [Gregory] Fleischman punched Fortese in the head, sending him over the railing to the ground about five feet below.

Nathan Steelman, an off-duty state trooper came to Fortese’s aid. In a strange twist of fate, Steelman is a childhood friend of Fortese’s who hadn't seen the man in years before running into each other earlier at the game.

Steelman told the Sun that Fortese had gone as long as 45 seconds without breathing. Steelman, who received emergency medical training as a soldier deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, removed a wad of chewing tobacco from Fortese’s mouth that had blocked his airway.

Fleischman, 22, of Jarrettsville, Md., and Michael Bell, 21, of Annapolis, Md. — have been charged. Fleischman with first and second degree assault and disorderly conduct and Bell with second-degree assault and disorderly conduct charges. Both were released Friday on $50k bond.

Fortese reportedly suffered severe head trauma and a skull fracture. He was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

Going to pro sports events has always been a risk - no matter what laundry one wears. Time to give sports goons max sentences and lifetime bans.

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