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WOR Radio makes big bid for Yankees' radio rights

Phil Mushnick and Don Burke report:

Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, which owns WOR Radio, has made a recent bid in excess of the $14 million currently paid by CBS for the rights to the Yankees’ broadcasts, sources told The Post.

With Yankees and Mets radio rights set to expire in October, the smart money had long been on the market’s two sports stations — WFAN and ESPN — to land one or the other of the highly coveted properties.

The bad news if WOR wins:

A possible byproduct of Clear Channel landing the Yankees' rights is it would likely be more amenable to retaining John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman, the Yankees' long time broadcast duo, then either WFAN or ESPN would.

But don't give up hope:

CBS, which owns WFAN as well as WCBS, has owned the Yankees rights since 2002. Now, with two spots on the radio dial that are dedicated to its sports station — WFAN can be heard at 660 AM and 101.9 FM — it seems unlikely CBS will let the rights go without a fight.

New York Post...Bid to air Yanks games on WOR

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