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Mark Cuban on MLB, Arod: "It's basically become Bud Selig's mafia."

Mark Cuban sat down with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show last night. (He may or may not have been wearing blackface.) Asked about Bud Selig's 211 game suspension of Alex Rodriguez, Mark called it 'horrible.'

"I think it's disgraceful what Major League Baseball is trying to do to him. Look, it's not that he doesn't deserve to be suspended. He does. They have policies in place: A first-time offender is 50 games, and a second time is 100. 214 games [sic]? That's personal."

That's MLB's policy for a failed drug test. Not for the "non-analytical" evidence.

"Obviously Bud Selig does not like to be tested, he does not want anyone to stand up to him," Cuban said.

"How much money a player makes, should have nothing to do with how you treat them. The reality is the guy broke the rules...but to come out with 214 games and try to give him a lifetime ban, that's just wrong," Cuban said.

Correct, it is wrong. It's 211 games.

The Post's Justin Terranova transcribes:

"I've got to tell you, with my experiences with Major League Baseball -- and after all of this, there's no chance I'm getting to buy a team -- it's basically become Bud Selig's mafia," Cuban said.

"He runs it the way he wants to run it. They don't want me to own a team. When I was trying the buy the Rangers, even after the Cubs, when I was trying to buy the Texas Rangers, it was an open option. I sat in there with my good, hard-earned money trying to bid, and they did everything possible to keep me from buying the team. They had lawyers in there trying to change the rules; they had people trying to put up more money. It was horrible."

Bud Selig, changing the rules on the fly.

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