Zürich launches taxpayer supported 'Drive-in sex boxes' | Bob's Blitz

Zürich launches taxpayer supported 'Drive-in sex boxes'

Just like McDonald's -- the Swiss now have drive through sex boxes.

The procedure for the so-called “sex boxes” is vaguely similar to fast-food service. Drivers pass a check-in gate and follow a marked route — then place their orders for one of 40 prostitutes and drive on to meet up in the boink booth.

Street signs show the way and display the rules: Adults must be alone, drive automobiles rather than bikes, use (see left) and properly discard their used condoms.

Zurichers are so fed up with streetwalkers they voted last year to ban them from the city center and build steamy shake shacks in a far-off industrial zone.

NY Post...Zurich to open prostitution drive-ins

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