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Michael Vick gets no respect, no respect at all

Why yes, that is Michael Vick breaking up a fight. [BWO Crossing Broad]

Approached first by a reporter who congratulated him for being a peacemaker, Vick said: “I try to be the peacemaker, but these young dudes don’t respect me.” He was taking a phone call, which cut off further dialogue right then, but he jerked his head in the direction of Cary Williams. Later, after the call, Vick said, with emotion in his voice: “Our maturity level’s gotta be on a whole different plane. Regardless of who the catalyst was for the whole fight, that doesn’t matter. We’ve gotta be men. We’re not guys who are out on the street, fighting one another. We’re teammates … It’s game week. We don’t have time for that. I don’t. It’s a distraction.” When asked if he was OK with Williams in the aftermath, Vick said: “Oh, yeah, 20 seconds and that’s it. Everybody moves on.’

So, who was Williams fighting? None other than Riley Cooper. [BWO FTW]

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