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Mushnick Takes Mikey Apart in "Francesa changing LT tune only after battle with Carton"

Phil Mushnick runs through the Craig Carton v Mike Francesa feud that, if you watch Boomer & Carton on TV -- you won't be able to keep up with this week because the dopes at MSG Networks think it better to pull the duo then to keep the show going while new simulcasting negotiations go on.

a) Francesa claimed, “I wasn’t defending L.T.” True, but that wasn’t the point. By consistently ignoring and even dismissing Taylor’s criminality as insignificant, Francesa has indulged Taylor’s sustaining lawlessness.

b) Francesa characterized Taylor’s criminal behavior as “horrific.” Odd, he never came close to such a condemnation prior to Carton’s that-morning claim that Francesa has granted Taylor an unconditional pardon.

c) Francesa: “As anyone who listens to me knows, I’m not Joe Fan — the kind of guy who’s going to be protective of players or teams in any way. That’s not my style. That’s not my way.”

“Anyone who listens to him” knows that is, at worst, a lie, at best, totally untrue. The opposite is true. (For starters, see Jets, the Bill Parcells years; Alex Rodriguez, 2013).

d) Francesa: “From what I knew about the case, L.T. was not targeting a child.”

What he “knew about the case,” he at one point claimed, was what he had learned from his New Jersey law enforcement connections, working the case out of Ramapo, N.J.

Oopsie! There is no Ramapo, N.J. Taylor was busted in Ramapo, N.Y.

e) Francesa: “If you listen to the show, you know we do sports her. We don’t do guy talk and sex talk to get ratings.” Half true. Especially compared to “Boomer & Carton,” Francesa keeps it clean, above the crotch.

But his topics frequently have nothing to do with sports, but with Francesa’s many imagined fields of expertise, including the Beatles, meteorology, cinema, Connecticut sales taxes, average square footage of Long Island homes, the Middle East, U.S. presidential history and criminal law.

f) Francesa: “I’ve always done a classy show,” and “There’s a way people should be treated, and that is incredibly important to me.”

Well, by now you know how Francesa classily treats callers — like stink-soaked peons. He’s especially efficient at the quick elimination of callers who seem to know more than he and/or that he’s wrong and/or full of it.

g) He admitted, perhaps a first, that he does get some things wrong, “not a lot, but some things. It’s gonna happen.” Ugh.

“You got on me with the Sweeny thing [falling asleep with WFAN’s Sweeny Murti speaking to him via phone]. Fine, I took my medicine for that for months. I didn’t say a word.”

Again, not true. He flatly, regularly and humorlessly denied that what plainly was seen on YES was what happened.

3) Francesa wrapped it up by claiming that station management “and corporate” listened to Tuesday’s recording then cleared him of defending Taylor. “Go back and listen, then apologize.”

He talkin’ to us? Go back, listen, apologize? Us or Carton?

Ah, Francesa tapes. At WFAN they get lost, found, go unheard, lost, again. Funny, what happens to recordings of words first spoken to be heard. So, rather than take Francesa’s word for it — an act of blind/deaf faith that he regularly betrays — why not re-air those tapes?

For all the times he has spoken of Taylor after his 2010 arrest for rape — he pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct — I never heard Francesa even hint that Taylor’s conduct was “horrific” — not until Wednesday, after Carton called him out.

Then, again, nearly everything else Francesa so soulfully spoke on his behalf Wednesday could be proven abundantly false by the airing of tapes.

The entire blow-by-blow: NY Post...Francesa changing LT tune only after battle with Carton

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