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Rick's Cabaret Strippers Got Around to Reviewing Craig Carton's Book

Rick's Cabaret NYC (the official gentlemen's club of Bob's Blitz) girl Alex finally got around to reviewing Craig Carton's Loudmouth for us.

"I love sports and I read Bob's Blitz every day and I try to listen to Boomer & Carton live on WFAN Radio when I can -- but it's hard for me because I almost never wake up early, but sometimes I can catch the tail end of the show.

We play the night time MSG-TV one hour version of their show on the Rick's Cabaret HiDef TVs, but when I have my clothes off dancing for the guys it's really hard to watch.

I bought Crag Carton's book "Loudmouth" and have been meaning to read it, but it's been so busy this summer at Rick's Cabaret, I haven't had any time. Finally, I decided to get away, take some time off and relax over the Labor Day weekend, and one of my goals was to read the book.

I am so glad I did. The book is fantastic. Craig Carton tells it like it is. He reveals some secrets about his life; about the sports world; and about the radio biz. There's a lot of personal stuff that made me laugh out loud. I loved it.

I am buying another copy to give my fellow Rick's Cabaret dancer "Shay" as a gift. She's got a great sense of humor--she's a big Jets and Mets fan. I know she will enjoy reading "Loudmouth" by Craig Carton."

Well...that's 1 copy sold this month.

Rick's Cabaret Girl "Alex" is an exotic dancer at the three story Rick's Cabaret gentlemen's club located across the street from the Empire State Building. The club is known for its beautiful showgirls, warm hospitality, gourmet restaurant and roof top cigar lounge and garden. It is a favorite with pro athletes, celebrities and an upscale clientele.

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