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The Barbara Buono & Carton Radio Program?

A well placed source contacted Bob's Blitz Friday to inform us that after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie joined Craig Carton on WFAN and MSG-TV as a fill in for Boomer Esiason, the Barbara Buono: Democrat for Governor campaign contacted the station regarding Section 315 of the Communications Act. That's the so called 'Equal-Time' provision and could have meant 4 hours of Boomer, Carton, and Barbara. (The Buono campaign wouldn't provide comment after we contacted them this past Saturday.)

Today a WFAN mole reports: She is not coming on. She inquired about it and made a big stink. I believe the reason she will not be allowed in is that she has missed the window to make it happen. There is some dispute over the time frame as she needed to make an official request for equal time within 7 days of the Governor's on-air appearance.

Boy wouldn't that have been fun? Just can't see Barbara Buono being able to banter with Boomer and or Carton. Even if she tried to drop a few fatter than the storm jokes...

(Interesting side note -- Former Chicago Bear Steve "Mongo" McMichael’s decision to run for mayor of Romeoville once cost him his spot on a Bears pregame show on Chicago’s ESPN radio affiliate due to Section 315.)

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