Knowshon Moreno Could Cry You a River of Tears | Bob's Blitz

Knowshon Moreno Could Cry You a River of Tears

Knowshon Moreno crying, Kissing Suzy.

USA Today got KM's thoughts on the tears.

“Definitely hydrated,” Moreno joked on Monday. “I don’t know, I guess the slow motion made it look a little worse than it was.”

Moreno insisted that he’s just an emotional guy, and he gets “fired up” to play.

“Excited to play this game, excited to be a part of this team, definitely blessed and privileged to be able to play this game,” Moreno said.

“I’m aware of it. I already knew that. It’s kind of different when they put it on national television,” head coach John Fox said. “He’s a real emotional guy and he plays with a lot of passion and I think that’s what makes him who he is and I think that’s why he’s got great respect in that locker room and in this building.”

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