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Mike Francesa's pseudologia fantastica was at its peak last week

If you had to pick just one, would you peg Mike Francesa as suffering from antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, or just plain mythomania? We go with the latter. Phil Mushnick sums up the sadness. (HIPAA violation by Sir Funtime)

Francesa wrong as per usual

MIKE “Let’s Be Honest” Francesa spent the entire week getting everything definitively, authoritatively, informed-by-imaginary-insiders, pompously dead wrong!

From Robinson Cano (a non-issue; he’ll re-sign with the Yankees), to bogus “facts” about the DiMaggio brothers, N. Illinois will destroy Bowling Green (Bowling Green won by 20), Gary Kubiak’s future, Dustin Pedroia, and his revisionist 180 on Brett Gardner, the NFL Draft, Mr. Wizard got so much wrong that WFAN doesn’t have to bother “losing” one tape; it can have a bonfire — while heating half of Astoria!

But his best came when a caller asked why he’d cite All-Star balloting in assessing Cano. Francesa exploded; hollered that he’d never do that, never did that — the caller’s a liar! He hung up on the guy then continued to berate him as if he’d left him speechless — another Honest Mike transparency.

Of course, 20 minutes earlier Francesa did exactly as the caller claimed. WFAN wasn’t yet able to “lose” that tape.

So today, Let’s Be Honest will play both tapes then apologize to that caller. From the movie, “Fat Chance.”

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