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Ronda Rousey drops 'sh*tty' on SportsCenter, isn't worst part of the interview

Ronda Rousey appeared on SportsCenter today because UFC 168 needs more promotion. Asked by ESPN anchor Matt Barrie if her relationship with Meisha Tate has been portrayed accurately in the media, RR replied, "I know what it's like for real," said Rousey, "and it's shitty enough from my point of view."

Prior to the s-bomb, Barrie asked about 'you guyses' relationship and what it's really like outside of the octagon. Turns out the two guyses were placed in adjacent hotel rooms and the sound of vacuuming was later heard (inferring that Tate changed rooms...). Weinstein asked if 'they told bedtime stories' and RR replied, "No, I was going to throw furniture against the wall." Matt replies, "Well, if you threw furniture at the wall, you were probably going to be billed for it..."

So this was quite uncomfortable from the get-go. The s-bomb only exasperating the off the mark interviewer who asked the champ to 'enter the cuddly tree right now' after the slip up.

Finally the technical portion of the interview - speaking about her propensity to secure the arm bar, Matt asks, "Even though you know your opponents are looking for it, do you still execute it?"

Rousey: "I have, yes."

Barrie, "And is that something you will look to execute even though Meisha is probably expecting it?"

Rousey: "No, I entirely forgot about it...."

Rousey: "No, I entirely forgot about it....of course I'm going to be looking for it again."


So how'd ESPN handle that awful line of arm bar question? By re-cutting that portion of the spot for replay without Barre's extended uneducated questions and Ronda's snippy retorts. ie, it only included Matt asking, "You won with a brutal armbar last time, should we expect to see another one Saturday?" RR: "The odds are very high."

No shit.

[h/t Deadspin]

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