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Phil Mushnick Roasted Craig Carton and it was Pretty Good

Phil Mushnick gets on Craig Carton for dismissing charges against Eli Manning once Archie Manning was sitting with him.

Carton’s bogus viewpoint

Bogus sports memorabilia? No way! That business is built on the Big Four: love of sports, trust, integrity and forgery! That, and enough “certificates of authenticity” to stuff one of Babe Ruth’s polyester game-worn uniforms!

Thursday morning on WFAN and the CBS Sports Network, Craig Carton, who has made it clear he finds WFAN colleague Mike Francesa’s act loathsome, imitated it.

At the top, he addressed the Eli Manning bogus memorabilia lawsuit story as a legitimate one, a serious matter. He even asked Giants co-owner Bob Tisch about it. Tisch declined comment. Carton called it a “scandal” that everyone allegedly involved should have to answer to.

He then added he’d bring it up to Archie Manning, Eli’s dad and a scheduled guest, later in the show.

Ah, but when Archie came on, Carton’s obsequious, Eddie Haskell side kicked in. He immediately told Archie the fake Eli memorabilia story is “nonsense.”

How was Carton able to know this, so much so that he reported it on the air to a national audience and directly to Eli’s father? He didn’t say. How did his take on the story, in the course of one show, do a 180? He didn’t say.

Phil was able to re-use that column from one pointing out Mike Francesa's defense of Alex Rodriguez. True story.

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