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Mushnick ripped Francesa a new one over his asinine, fabricated Patrick Reed rant

We pointed out that Mike Francesa lied during his contrived, foolish Patrick Reed rant. Stating, "On the 18th, and staked to a two-shot lead, Reed purposely laid up off the tee. Mike Francesa, losing YouTube space, turned it into a 30 minute rant. The PGA insider fictitiously claimed that he was roasted by pros for the move. Like He'd know."

Today, Phil Mushnick took the dismantling of the fool 3 steps further. (Even eluding to the fact that Boomer & Carton ruined Mike's tease of announcing his FOX Sports deal by announcing it themselves...)

On the day word was dropped Francesa’s radio show would be nationally simulcast by FOX Sports 1 or 2, he gifted his new bosses a preview of how he fictionalizes facts, paints himself into a dark corner, then tries to holler himself out of it — transparently disallowing intelligent dissent until he delivers the last, authoritative, megalomaniacal word that the debate is over … and in his self-deluded world he remains undefeated!


Well, Francesa trashed the kid for not hitting driver in order to go for it in two. He then screamed that after wimping out, he then had the gall to boast that he’s a top-5 player. A top-5 guy would have hit driver! Says who? Says Francesa.


The kid had made his “top-5” comment long before his final round began, which is what NBC’s Steve Sands referenced in a post-win interview with Reed. When callers tried to tell Francesa he had his facts wrong, Francesa trashed them, too.

Then, to further support his bogus position, Francesa claimed “other pros” ridiculed Reed’s last-hole decision. Although Francesa didn’t name any of them, it defies logic that any existed. Either way, how would he know?

So when callers first politely expressed logic-based disagreement, Francesa quickly, rudely shouted them down, then off. If FOX Sports doesn’t know his drill by now, we do.

The next day, as if he hadn’t shown his new FOX bosses enough, Francesa, the expert tout, continued his 20-year streak for being colossally wrong. His specialty is selecting heavy favorites that lose, outright. From his throne he declared the Nets (a nine-point road dog) that night would be walloped by the Heat.

By now, even if FOX is unaware or doesn’t care, you know the rest.

And you can admit know/knew the rest.

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