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'Frustrated and now embarrassed' Mike Francesa wants out of his FOX simulcasting deal

New York, NY -- He never wanted to go to FOX Sports 1 and he certainly never wanted anything to do with FS2, but now, 'frustrated and now embarrassed,' Mike Francesa wants out of his simulcasting contract. It seems that the constant pre-empting coupled with awful ratings over at the fledgling 'not real' network have gotten to him. And...it was Michael Kay who may have pushed him over the edge.

A WFAN source tells The Blitz:

Francesa wants CBS to get out of the simulcasting deal with FOX. 

He's frustrated and now he's embarrassed. The cancellation of 'Crowd Goes Wild' and subsequent additional one hour on FS1 is far short of what he thinks he deserves. 

The frequent non-broadcasts due to soccer is killing his ego and Michael Kay [and Frank Isola] making fun of that pushed him over the edge.

Watch his broadcasts, it's gotten so bad that Fox has to put up a schedule of the days they actually are going to air Mike's On. He hates everything about the process. From the kazoo like opening music to the 4PM (5PM starting Monday, May 12) switch over from FS1.

And the reality that he's irrelevant and nobody is watching even when he is on is killing him. If, and that's a really big if, he gets 20,000 viewers on a given day? That's a victory.

Asked if Francesa would have a landing spot if he can get out of the FOX deal, our source said, "MSG." (They did not, however, have details of his deal and what, if anything, would need to be done in order to void it.)

Katie Nolan was none too pleased with the Mike's On extension...

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