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Phil Mushnick thoroughly & correctly skewers Mike Francesa & ESPN over Donald Sterling affair

Watching Donald Sterling (who at 81 has prostate cancer, big deal) banned for life this week, we wondered why was the racist Spike Lee sitting front and center? Oh yeah, he has a SIRIUS press pass and the NBA likes him. Then someone asked us to go Google 'Mike Tirico stalking.' Yeah, we hadn't known that and it made Mike sitting on his high horse all the more fun to watch. Today, Phil Mushnick adds:

On ESPN, where the worst acts are regularly and generously selected for both sanctuary and stardom, Jalen Rose put one-and-one together and demanded Sterling’s head.

This is the same Jalen Rose who, as a former Michigan player, was featured in a 2011 documentary about the early 1990s Michigan-Duke basketball rivalry. Rose trashed Duke’s black players as “Uncle Toms,” apparently because they could speak discernible English and attended some classes while in college. Shame on them!

This Jalen Rose now blames his transgressions — including theft, while an NBA player — as “the Detroit coming out in me.” What does that mean? As a black man from Detroit we should expect no better?

But Rose, on ESPN, was outraged at the racial bigotry overheard from Sterling!

Same day on ESPN, sat baseball analyst Ozzie Guillen, who, as a profane MLB manager called his critics “faggots” and expressed his admiration for Fidel Castro.

But ESPN loves such folks. They say such cray-zee things!

Then there was “Let’s Be Honest” Mike Francesa, who claimed, as if he again had inside info, that Sterling would receive a one-year suspension. Regardless, Francesa jumped on Sterling.

This same Mike Francesa, days after the 9/11 attacks, blamed it all on Israel and Jews, then, as if borrowing from Mein Kampf, questioned the loyalty of American Jews. (You bet WFAN “lost” those tapes!)


Already, some have suggested the NBA has set a standard for itself that will be tough to meet.

Nonsense. That bar was returned, back down low, the moment Tuesday’s “zero tolerance” session ended.

After all, having proudly and eagerly announced that the vulgar rapper — is that redundant? — Drake would be the celebrity host of the 2016 NBA All-Star Game, it’s not as if Commissioner Adam Silver will withdraw the invite.

Perhaps Drake can perform one of his many hate-filled numbers in which black men are called “N—as,” women are obscenely objectified as good for only one thing and “f–k” is frequently rapped as a verb, noun, adverb, prefix or suffix.

In other words, what Drake records and performs in public for a living fully meets with the NBA’s approval and even big-event promotion. But what old coot Donald Sterling spoke in private led to a summary execution.
What bar? It’s already gone. But perhaps Drake was grandfathered where Sterling, at 80, wasn’t.

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