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And now...the top Steiner Sports rejected Jeter collectibles

Derek Jeter's wonderful, historic, iconic, 2 years too long career comes to an end Sunday. And while the Yankees will miss the playoffs for the 2nd straight year, DJ had a great year monetary wise. All the promotions. All the gifts. All the accolades. It all ends this weekend so Twitter users helped us put together a few Jeter Collectibles that Steiner Sports actually rejected.

Rejected Jeter Collectibles

14. Authentic 2013 season used crutch.

13. His half of the "BEST FRIENDS" charm bracelets he and A-Rod bought each other in the late '90s. [Michelle Pratt]

12. Game-used sunflower seeds. [McClutherness]

11. Anatomically correct bobble heads. [Funtime Sports Bureau]

10. Chia Jeter. [Michael J. Daniels]

9. DJ Sperm. [Al Dukes]

8. Derek Jeter rain water (collected 9/25).

7. Manscape shavings. [MF Photography]

6. Authentic 2013 season used scooter.

5. Compromising photos of Jeffery Maier. [Mike]

4. The Jeter Lack-Of-Range Rover. [Michael J. Daniels]

3. Is that even a thing? I don't think there ever has been a rejected Jeter collectible. [Chris Poulos]

2. Game used socks.

2. Empty one-night stand gift baskets. [Mark Mongo]

And the number one Rejected Derek Jeter Collectible is .....

1. Book of Derek's most scintillating quotes. [Len Berman]

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