Mike Francesa lied about why Derek Jeter was given #2 | Bob's Blitz

Mike Francesa lied about why Derek Jeter was given #2

Did the Yankees give out single digits to well thought of prospects? The answer is a resounding "no." And there are plenty of less than stellar former players who donned the pinstripes wearing a number less than ten. But that didn't stop Mike Francesa from answering Ryan in Parsippany's question, "How did Derek Jeter get number 2?"

They gave him number 2 because they thought he was a good player...because when they give a guy they think is going to be a really good prospect #2 because of the fact they give him a single number because single numbers now are special with the Yankees and that's why. Now, uhhh, that's what their choice was to give him #2 because he was a good prospect. That's the reason.

One can see the mind spinning there. It's reminiscent of the Terry Collins lie.

Should have stuck with what he first uttered, "I have no idea." Because he doesn't. He made the whole thing up. It is a lie.

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