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Mushnick jabs Francesa, Vick, & WFAN; Slams Boomer Esiason

We wrote Wednesday that Mike Francesa was lying. Again. "Mike Francesa continues to claim Michael Vick came to him & not vice-versa. Francesa continues his dubious claim that it was Vick and not he who initiated discussions." Thursday Craig Carton opened a whole new can of WFAN worms. To paraphrase CC: "Mike Francesa lied. WFAN initiated contact with the Jets and the Vick camp, not vice versa. Initially Vick was targeted to appear on Boomer & Carton however afternoons work better than Tuesday mornings do."

Today? Phil Mushnick summarized and in doing so, hits Francesa, Michael Vick, and WFAN/CBS. But it is Boomer Esiason who he goes at hardest:

Who’s calling whom?

As Craig Carton on Thursday morning tried to explain on the air — through Boomer Esiason’s interruptions to speak the irrelevant — Mike “Sitting Bull” Francesa apparently told another self-serving lie by claiming Michael Vick’s reps reached out to WFAN for Vick to do a weekly hookup with the great and powerful Francesa.

But according to Carton, it was WFAN that contacted Vick’s folks. And WFAN originally wanted Carton and Esiason to chat with Vick.

Meantime, that WFAN would select/reward Vick — a guy who did hard time — among all the Jets to choose from may be revolting, but it’s not surprising.

Damn, that's some strong words outta Mush. Here's the video from the Carton explanation.

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