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Boomer & Carton: Post's Phil Mushnick plagiarizing ... himself!

This morning Phil Mushnick wrote:

While Craig Carton continues to trash Eli Manning, in December Carton allowed a guest to think that he’s one of Eli’s biggest fans. That guest was Archie Manning.

January 30, 2014, Phil Mushnick wrote:

Craig Carton, who has made it clear he finds WFAN colleague Mike Francesa’s act loathsome, imitated it.

At the top, he addressed the Eli Manning bogus memorabilia lawsuit story as a legitimate one, a serious matter. He even asked Giants co-owner Bob Tisch about it. Tisch declined comment. Carton called it a “scandal” that everyone allegedly involved should have to answer to.

He then added he’d bring it up to Archie Manning, Eli’s dad and a scheduled guest, later in the show.


He immediately told Archie the fake Eli memorabilia story is “nonsense.”

After reading the latter here, Boomer & Carton charged Mushnick with 'rewriting his own columns.'

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