Mike Francesa's top-10 on air lies #FrancesaLies # 05A | Bob's Blitz

Mike Francesa's top-10 on air lies #FrancesaLies # 05A

Mike Francesa's top-10 on air lies #05A

Mike Francesa is very proud of his NFL picks...when they're doing well. When they're off - he's been nailed lying about them as recently as last playoff season (overall record and his Conference Championship selections to boot). Sir Sweats A Lot's most infamous betting lie was his Superbowl 42 pick...but there are a ton of other examples.

In 2010 -- Francesa was nailed lying about his on-air NFL picks for the year. Francesa addressed being caught by dismissing it as non-important. "Who cares?" he asked.

And then he had his staff start publicly keeping track of his selections.

January 2011, WFAN's Francesa was nailed lying about his old Super Bowl 42 pick.

2012, after going 42-49 in the regular season, new producers not keeping track -- we have him lying again. Mike stated 2-0 in the Conference Championship games and "6-4 or 7-3" in the playoffs. Lying on both. Tipster Gary Lewbel (who also pointed out Mike's SB lie above) emailed:

Mike had San Francisco -4 over the Falcons, a push. He had the Ravens +9 over the Pats. That's 1-0-1 right there. Not 2-0. He lied. (And Mike only gave 4. That was the line earlier in the week. Friday, most had it at 4.5 or 5 -- Mike grabbed the 4 so he pushed instead of losing like most late week money did.)

Moving on to his 7 & 3 claim. Here's his Playoff picks and record:


Houston - 4 1/2 (Win)
Green Bay - 7 1/2 (Win)
Indianapolis + 7 (Loss)
Washington + 3 (Loss)


Denver - 9 1/2 over Baltimore (Loss)
San Francisco - 3 over Green Bay (Win)
Atlanta - 2 1/2 over Seattle (Loss)
New England - 9 1/2 over Houston (Win)

That's 4-4.

Add in his 1-0-1 Conference record. Not 7-3. Not even 6-4. He was at 5-4-1. He lied.

Throw in his Super Bowl loss and Francesa's final post season record for 2012-2013 is 5-5-1. And he's a liar. Again.


Phil Mushnick commented:

What’s that? Another of those Francesa tapes that FAN seems to have misplaced; the dog ate it? No problem. It’s right there on BobsBlitz.com, a site that pays special attention to Francesa because he provides a rich, daily assortment of nationally transmitted know-it-all arrogance, rude dismissals of callers (especially those who know better than he), self-serving contradictions, relentless interruptions of guests, and untruths he imperiously states as facts.

But again, who cares? Apparently, Francesa.

Today it's a bit harder on Mike. MikeFrancesa.com tracks every pick and we post the audio from SamSpinChat.

BB...Friday, Mike Francesa lied about his NFL Conference picks, Playoff record

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