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Carmelo Anthony, loser?

“I didn’t think it would be like this," Carmelo Anthony said in a recent interview with the Washington Post, published Friday. Fine, ok, sure. But the next portion? Envision Bird, Magic, MJ et al. stating: “I’m like, why? Time goes by so fast and one thing you realize, you can’t control winning. It’s out of your control. You can control what you do. You can control your work ethic and your mindset when it comes down to winning. Everything has to be synchronized from ownership all the way down to the staff. Everything has to be in sync."

“At the end of the day, we all know what the goal is and that’s to win a championship," Anthony said. “I know that I’m a winner. Even though you might lose some games here and there, I know I’m a winner. I’ve won already. I’ve won off the court and on the court. I’m living the American dream. That’s winning to me. Nobody can say anything about [me] being a loser.”

Got that? So, despite not winning a championship...he makes a lot of money so...he's not a loser.

“Everybody has an opinion," Anthony said in the interview. “ Everybody knows it all. They think they know you. You kind of become what the back page says you are. That’s messed up. I think just going through it, and you’ve seen the worst of the worst. Being here at the bottom and you can easily see how people will dismiss you, step on you and forget about you. This is the belly of the beast. New York will eat you alive if you let it.”


 noun \ˈlü-zər\
: someone or something that loses a game, contest, etc.


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