Boomer Esiason called a white supremacist for saying Richard Sherman should be fined | Bob's Blitz

Boomer Esiason called a white supremacist for saying Richard Sherman should be fined

Boomer Esiason explains why Richard Sherman's shot at Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft should result in a fine from the NFL.

The response? Not good.

Scott Hansen: "So, let me get this straight, this guy answered a question with information that is open to the public, i.e. twitter, and you think he should be fined? How about we deal with the real problem, which is what he pointed out, and not with the guy that points it out. Just because it's your boss that is doing something wrong, that doesn't make it right. Are you trying to get a broadcasting job on the NFL network or something?"

Matt Ingles, "Richard Sherman shouldn't be fined for stating his own opinion. Well, sure he does have a loud mouth but who cares? The NFL shouldn't fine players just for stating their own opinion. I thought Brady and Belichick were done with deflate gate? Shouldn't we focus on the main event, Super Bowl 49?"

Steven Lelloup, "Boomer is a worn out tool time to trow it in the trashcan Seahawks for the win"

bumrusherer1985: "Integrity of the nfl...funny"

JWCFIGHTFAN, "You gotta love white supremacy."

Doctor Paco, "Yeah… a great way to show a player that you don't have any conflicts of interest is to fine him for calling out a conflict of interest. Genius idea."

Gabrielle Gorog, "Right? Heaven forbid anyone express their opinion. How much money do they want out of the Seahawks anyway? No one cares what Goodell had to say."

Jason Shaw, "Boomer should be fired for being a HACK!"

Steven Lelloup, "#boomerisatool"

Killshow94: "Yeah fine him for him using his freedom of speech. Screw you."

Yeah, freedom of speech is a government thing fools. Not an NFL thing.

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