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It was a weak week even by Mike Francesa's low standards

A look back at Mike Francesa's week: It opened well enough. Nipples erect, chair straining, burping and laughing maniacally -- Mike Francesa, a man who knows repetitiveness, said Rex Ryan pulled the wool over the eyes of Buffalo's media in his comical presser. Because Ryan did. But then John in Monroe asked Mike, "Who replaced Dick LeBeau?" And rather than utter, "I don't know," Mike instead um um um delayed for 50 seconds while his EP found out who it was.

The next day was worse. That fool states OSU's 'erratic thrower' Cardale Jones and 'Elliott Ezekiel' should never be forgotten. Only Mike could tell folks to never forget while forgetting. Later Francesa, roughly an hour before FS1 pre-empted him, (inexplicably for 45 minutes) to cover the Cardale Jones presser:

"If a guy holds a press conference, he holds a press conference to come out. Nobody holds a press conference to go back to college."

Luckily from Mike, he was cut on TV while interviewing Troy Aikman. So many missed the fool getting yet another in a long line of comeuppances:

Francesa to Aikman: "No one threw at Deion Sanders, let's be honest."

Aikman, "We'll, we did.

But its OK. It all ended well for Francesa. He was able to eat Taylor Swift cookies yesterday.

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