ESPN's Sal Paolantonio dropped a bunch of horsesh*t about Bill Belichick snubbing him | Bob's Blitz

ESPN's Sal Paolantonio dropped a bunch of horsesh*t about Bill Belichick snubbing him

We all know the reason Bill Belichick wanted nothing to do with Sal Paolantonio at the Super Bowl. ESPN. Last night, Sal was on Mike Missanelli’s show over at 97.5 The Fanatic. Mike asked about the refusal. Kyle Scott transcribes:

“It’s not for the faint of heart, as I’ve explained many times. I am definitely the tip of the spear for ESPN. You know, the broadcast partner gets the first crack obviously, on the podium. And there are all kinds of rules and regulations in place to make sure I don’t interrupt that. I have to respect that, or else I could just climb up on that podium I wouldn’t care. But I don’t obviously. And so I’m trying to be the first guy to get the first interviews. And I wound up getting an interview with Malcolm Butler, I don’t know if you saw that on SportsCenter. I obviously interviewed Robert Kraft. But before all that happened, Belichick is carrying the Super Bowl trophy off of the podium, and he’s going to the locker room. And nobody sees him but me. And I bullrush everybody. I have a producer with me, I have a camera with me, I have a sound guy with me, and I have a runner with me. So it’s me and four other people.”

Nobody but Sal sees Bill Belichick?

And Sal couldn't stop.

“I go right at him, and he was ready, Mike. He saw me, he smiled, I said congratulations, he said thank you. He was ready to do it. It would have been golden. The only one to get him, with him hugging the Super Bowl trophy like it was a three-month-old baby in his arms. And I almost had him.”

He smiled? Crossing Broad's Gif shows that Bill actually stopped smiling upon spotting Sal Pal.

“Belichick stopped, he smiled, he said hello, he said thank you, he was ready to go, and then this guy just stepped right in and looked at me like he was ready to cut my throat and said ‘Don’t do it, I’ll get fired by the NFL. You’re done. Get going.’ And that was it, I got bum rushed… but yeah, I got shot down.”

No he didn't. Stop.

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