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I don't need to #RaceTogether with a HS educated Starbucks coffee slinger, thank you very much

The Blitz is happy to welcome new Op-Ed writer 'KD' to the team. Up first, Starbucks + USA Today and their #RaceTogether idea...

So I walk into a Starbucks…

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz wants to spur a lively discussion on race relations in America – while you are getting your overpriced morning cup of coffee. Since cops are killing citizens in Ferguson, Mo., and Staten Island, NY, Mr. Schultz feels the perfect time and place to get your feelings off of your chest is at 7:45 am on your way to work.

Starbucks is “encouraging” its baristas to write #RaceTogether on your cup of $7 hot water in order to delay your morning commute so that customers may express their feelings on the most divisive topic in this country since 1863.

Now, I’m all for debating whether Zimmerman stood his ground or Mike Brown really had his hands up, but I don’t need that shit holding up a 10 deep line for coffee when the idiots serving me spell my first name “Kevin” on the paper cup as “Keven.”

I’m sure the average Starbucks barista is a very nice person with a 12th grade education. They interact with people of all races on a given day and have valid opinions that should be heard in regards to race relations. But nobody goes into Starbucks looking for a conversation. Give me my coffee and shut the fuck up, please.

Race relations in America is a topic deserving of debate in this country. It is frequently hijacked by the extremes on both sides of the issue, who use it for their own advantage. But in the rush for crack to make it through my morning commute isn’t that place.

Of course, rather than this being about civil discourse, Starbucks has found a way to get free publicity out of this whole thing and as a result, Starcucks Corp. (NSDQ: SBUX) closed up $1.45 upon Wednesday’s market close at $95.84 per share. That is almost $100 per share for what amounts to a national chain of lemonade stands.


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