March 2, 2015 will be the last day NYC sees snow: Mike Francesa | Bob's Blitz

March 2, 2015 will be the last day NYC sees snow: Mike Francesa

Never forget, via Phil Mushnick:

More March Madness from Almighty Mike

When Mike Francesa, noted Pentagon-adviser and meteorologist — Hurricane Sandy, he ruled, will be a spritz — authoritatively stated the snowfall on March 2 would be the last of this season, he was right.

What lesser meteorologists have forecast for Friday is not snow, but Francesa Flakes.

More glory to Almighty Mike: He continues to take himself seriously as a genius among geniuses that no one has been more colossally and comically wrong — and more often — than he. Or is it He?

This week, his usual magic: He chose the biggest favorite on the early NCAA Tournament board — Manhattan by 8 ½ points over Hampton — then pretended to know enough about both teams to make a strong, know-it-all tout: Manhattan by a “double-digit” blowout.

The usual. Manhattan didn’t cover. Didn’t even win. Hampton, by double digits. Another deposit in the “Lost Tapes Warehouse.” Oh, the weather outside is frightful

And that fat foolish coward's best move this week? Again this year (and we agree) referring to the first round of March Madness as the play in round. Until he had play in round participant Andy Toole on yesterday. And he told him don't let anyone tell you that is a play in round - you just played on the first round stage with all eyes on your Robert Morris team.

That's how the coward always handles folks he's criticized (directly or indirectly) when eventually faced with them. "People say..." is fatty's typical duck out.

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