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Mike Francesa's explosive charge: Craig Carton brutalized Phenom contestant Sam Mines

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"You didn't learn much from them, right?" - Mike Francesa to Fantasy Phenom contestant Sam Mines after Sam complained that the morning practice with Boomer & Carton did not go as contestants were told it would. 

Mines didn't make Craig Carton all warm and fuzzy after he got wind. Carton warned:

A good little memo to the other contestants. You probably not going to do yourself any favors if you take shots at other shows on this radio station. Or you complain about the process of getting through Fantasy Phenom. If you become a finalist and you're already complaining, why would anyone ever hire you?

Later adding, "Maybe Sam Mines was right, I learned nothing on that show. You're also not the Phenom kid, don't show up on April 1st."

Phil Mushnick came to Mines' rescue:

Leave it to WFAN’s bully-boy, egocentric drive-time hosts to turn a fun thing — a competition for someone to land a gig — into something ugly and mean-spirited, including a nervous young finalist being trashed on the air by Craig Carton for not showing him the full respect he deserves.

And now? Mike Francesa, who met with the contestant prior to the on air complaints, has charged that Carton brutalized the former sports director, show host, and broadcaster at WBNY:

Sam got brutalized for telling the truth. Uhh, but, and was told not to show up. But I think he'll show up. He'll gut it out and show up. We want him to have as good a chance as any. We want to give everybody a fair shance [sic] to win. But...we'll get to that on Wednesday...

Mike even threw in a dig at CBS Sports not broadcasting the aforementioned Mines fiasco. Of the Hard Rock broadcast Francesa added, "And nice of Fox to join us there."

Quick, name any of the other five 2015 contestants.

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BTW -- They are...Brandon Contes (who mind bogglingly lists Jon Rothstein as his favorite WFAN host...), Marcia Herold (who appeared on SNY's Oh Yeah...with Bob), Neil Dwyer (who says Mike Francesa is his fav), Patrick McGlynn and Samuel C. Eliacin.