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Opinion | Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor Requested

Have you ever written a letter to the NY Post, Daily News, etc.?

Do you have 2+ paragraph Facebook posts?

Do you fill up your Twitter feed with opinion and, albeit short..., editorials?

Do you call sports talk radio shows?

Then we want you. Bob's Blitz is now accepting Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor.

Our first contributor (and, if you're good, you can become a regular contributor), 'KD' - led off this morning with I don't need to #RaceTogether with a HS educated Starbucks coffee slinger, thank you very much. (Read Kevin's piece here to get a feel for what is good.)

If you are known to us, a first name or initials are fine for publication. If you are an unknown quantity -- we require full name and a verification phone number.

A third post type that we'd accept is the long form stuff. Mike Francesa fan EliIsElite's look at how Mike Francesa's retirement show might go down in 2020 is the ideal example. We don't require any name, address, etc. for that type submission.

If you do want stardom, we'll link a signature to your Twitter account or website. Just let us know.

We prefer 2+ paragraphs with as few typos as possible...

Email to theteam @ bobsblitz.com with an appropriate subject.

Sports, pop-culture, or any topical subject are requirements.

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