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Pig Guy NYC brings s’mores-dipped bacon to Citi Field this year

Our buddy Pig Guy NYC's s’mores-dipped bacon along with some wonderful Mac & Cheese Frites are making their debut at Mets games this year. Hailey Eber reports:

While there’s a whole roster of exciting edibles debuting at Citi Field this season — hearty gourmet panini and grilled cheese sandwiches from Pressed by Lure chef Josh Capon; s’mores-dipped bacon (as disgusting/delicious as it sounds) from Pig Guy NYC; a trio of seafood sliders from Esca chef Dave Pasternack — this cheesy Frankenfood is the player to watch.

Mac & Cheese Frites ($9.25 at Box Frites, in the center field food court area).

The frites feature elbow pasta coated in a rich sauce made from local Five Acre Farms milk and freshly grated Gouda and Cheddar.

The resulting mac and cheese is formed into thick “fries,” coated in ground Arborio rice and deep-fried. They’re served with a homemade smoked-tomato ketchup and an Aleppo-pepper cheese sauce.

“I must have changed and made the recipe 20 times until I was happy with it,” Karangis says. “I felt something was missing, and I remembered an Arborio rice coating I once used for coating scallops a few years back, where I put the rice in a coffee grinder.”

“We are anticipating a strong season,” says John Karangis, the executive chef for Union Square Events, an offshoot of Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group that handles several concessions at the ballpark.


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