Gunnar Esiason wrote a great tribute to his dad Boomer | Bob's Blitz

Gunnar Esiason wrote a great tribute to his dad Boomer

Remarkable Dads has a great piece, Gunnar Esiason: Fighting Cystic Fibrosis with Dad, out today. Here's a sample:

The bond my dad and I share has been in the public eye since our 1993 Sports Illustrated cover. I realize it is not every day that a father and his son get the privilege to be on the cover of a world-famous magazine. Like anything, though, with that privilege comes an enormous responsibility. My dad—and whole family for that matter—decided the moment I was diagnosed in 1993 to bring cystic fibrosis to a national, maybe even worldwide, audience. The Remarkable Dads team asked me to talk to my dad about a few things, and then write about why I think my dad is a Remarkable Dad—here’s what I think:

(Here’s a writer’s note just for all you readers out there. I took a journalism class in 12th grade. That was like 6 years ago, so you’re going to have to excuse me while I take my best stab at this, and if Ms. KZ is reading this, I really hope I’m using all the techniques you taught me here.)
Continue at Remarkable Dads.

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