Jay Glazer: LeSean McCoy Kelly claims 'complete irresponsible bullshit' | Bob's Blitz

Jay Glazer: LeSean McCoy Kelly claims 'complete irresponsible bullshit'

Boomer Esiason said LeSean McCoy's continued yapping that Chip Kelly is a racist is asinine. Booms went on, "Basically what this is is a disgruntled former player with people in his ear telling him 'Hey, Chip Kelly screwed you.' Craig Carton went on to suggest Kelly should at this point sue for slander.

FOX' Jay Glazer agrees. And Crossing Broad put together HIS Twitter rant into one concise statement:

“I’m sorry man but you just don’t flippantly accuse people of this. I think it’s complete bullshit and irresponsible as hell to bring into the equation. When you accuse someone, that label stays with you regardless of truth. Wrong for [McCoy] to go there, don’t bring it into the equation. Didn’t they replace McCoy with DeMarco Murray? I’ve known and trained with Murray since college and I’m pretty sure, actually I’m positive, he’s black. Lecture over. Unless you’re sure about something like that don’t publicly label someone as it. You’re guilty no matter what and it’s wrong.”

McCoy stealing that tactic from George Hayduke's Getting Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks in which it is pointed out, claim a teacher molested you. Never get rid of that label.

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