NY has a hockey champion in Manhattan...and they partied at Rick's Cabaret | Bob's Blitz

NY has a hockey champion in Manhattan...and they partied at Rick's Cabaret

Rick's Cabaret Strippers Party with NY Hockey Champs

Tradition has a new home in Manhattan

New York, NY -- While the Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing, upscale gentlemen's club Rick's Cabaret New York is celebrating the victory of the Manhattan Roller Hockey League's Greylock team, which wears the Rick's Cabaret logo on its uniforms. After winning the Tier 3 championship, the team partied in style at Rick's Cabaret.

"The team wears the Rick's Cabaret logo and colors proudly," purred Rick's Cabaret Girl Emma. "We really wanted them to win, so we gave them the greatest incentive ever. We told them, 'if you win, you get to come to the club and we'll take our clothes off for you. Ha ha!' I think that did the trick!

"We had such an awesome night. The champagne was flowing, the party was non-stop, and everyone had a blast. Rick's Cabaret's Franklin Edwards, who's recognized as one of NY's finest chefs, even made a special menu for the night."

"We're making the same offer to the Stanley Cup winning team," cooed Rick's Cabaret Girl Zoe. "Whoever wins, bring the cup here and we will throw you hottest party of all time."

Named "The #1 Strip Club in New York" by Playboy, Rick's Cabaret is the club of choice, and the official gentlemen's club of Bob's Blitz, for an upscale clientele including business professionals, numerous celebrities, and pro athletes from all the major sports. It features a gourmet steakhouse and balcony seating on its second floor, deluxe Sky Boxes on its third floor, and a Roof Top Cigar Lounge and Garden.

Rick's Cabaret New York
50 West 33rd Street

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