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A horse was killed at Belmont just 3 hours before American Pharoah won the triple crown

Helwan, a 4-year-old colt from France, was killed at Belmont just three hours before American Pharoah won the triple crown. Gregg Doyel writes:

So it was that Helwan was merely running down the backstretch, in third place, when his left front cannon bone — the bone above the ankle — snapped.

Out came the curtain. Behind it, who knows what was happening? We can only guess: Helwan was administered something to ease his pain, then was administered something to stop his heart. His body was driven off the track in a van.

Less than three hours later, American Pharoah walked onto the track. The show must go on.

No matter how many horses die.

Oh, this wasn't an isolated incident. One week earlier, a 5-year-old horse named Soul House collapsed and died shortly after finishing seventh of 10 horses at Belmont Park. One day before that, a 5-year-old horse named Icprideicpower died at Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack in upstate New York after a training session. Since January, 43 horses have died in racing or training.

Died in New York, that is.

How many horses have died since January in other states, including ours? That's not a fact the horse racing industry wants you to know. Not exactly the best form of advertising, you understand. Come to the track where you might see something special! Or you might see a curtain raised, a horse lying in shock behind it, taking its last breath.

90,000 screamed like AP knew he had won something. How many even knew that his 4 year old buddy had had his tiny ankle cracked just hours earlier for the pleasure of rich assholes?

Not enough.

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