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Apparently someone from CBS got to Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa, again, with the CBS Sports Minute commentary. This time? Things have changed. RogersRoyal sums up:

Unfortunately a lot of what he said is not true. Boomer first of all has done many CBS Sports Minutes heard on WFAN. He is always talking about it with Craig something to the effect of "I just did a sports minute on that. Weren't you listening?" and I have heard some of his sports minutes during the day. So that is incorrect.

Also he is doing a complete different take on things now from his first comments which we all supported. He is now saying he just doesn't prefer them due to them being the same subject and didn't belong on his show as its not subjects he approved. That's not how he put it when he originally complained. He thought it was a waste of a subject and done poorly then made fun of the guy using his initials. Now he's coming off all politically correct and claiming it isn't like that at all.

So someone got to him here and he is doing spin control now. Ugh. Fun while it lasted.

So odd. For someone so fat...everyone can see through him in this day and age.

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