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Katie Nolan is a pig: Post's Phil Mushnick

One knew Katie Nolan would be given some push the day FOX Sports made the tapes of Nolan slamming Mike Francesa disappear. (Someone apparently thought the 2 ratings deprived 'personalities' could, somehow, promote each other. That failed.)

Today, Phil Mushnick weighs in.

In Katie Nolan, host of well-named “Garbage Time,” FOX Sports 1 has what it clearly wanted: a young woman to attract and excite a “young adult male audience” no older, wiser or better adjusted than 14-year-olds on a mission to spray paint their junior high.

Nolan is a professional TV vandal, hired for her willingness and eagerness to show dopey, desensitized guys that she, too, can act like a pig. From the women’s World Cup, on the night before the final, she declared, with a smug smile, “Happy Fourth of July, bitches!”

Understood, that’s neither funny nor clever. But now that crude has become the common substitute for legit humor, it was good enough! No talent needed, no upside pursued. Nolan not only was declaring, “Look what I can do!” she essentially shouted, “Look what I was hired to do!”

Well, good for her!

One note to our friend Phil: Most don't even know Katie Nolan is still hanging around.

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