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Katie Nolan < Tiffany Oshinsky

KD sent over a quick email last night. The entirety was, "Tiffany Oshinsky > Katie Nolan"

And we haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. Nolan's rise, leveling out, extreme push by FOX to promote, and eventual move to blip on the radar is well documented. FOX making the tapes of her slamming Mike Francesa disappear because they wanted to try and use the 2 ratings impaired individuals to try and cross pollinate themselves AND FOX Sports Live to boot.

And then they made Jay and Dan's 'response' AND Mike's ripping of them disappear as well. All after Francesa referred to, as new (and real), a 2014 (and clever, btw) Nolan satirical take on the FOX Sports Network in general.

We now move on to Oshinsky. A 3-time Emmy-winner, sports-lover, Steelers-obsessor, cat-owner, beer-drinker, future-LPGA-golfer kind a gal. She has worked at NFL Films since '07 and she is also currently with Sports Illustrated.

We first were introduced to her back in April. When we wrote, curiously enough, "Tiffany Oshinsky is reminiscent of a certain over promoted female on a fledgling network you may have heard about...only Tiffany is a 3-time Emmy-winner for a reason. Timeout with T.O. is TO's take on the best sports stories you've probably seen here on Bob's Blitz."

Then we posted her video, "Beer, Bongos, and F-Bombs."

And we were hooked. We've provided every one of her productions ever since. Here's from May (when she was on vacation no less): Timeout with T.O... in Paradise.

Later in May: Tiffany Oshinsky: The World Wide Leader in Awkward Moments...June: Tiffany Oshinsky's back: Amazing catches by fans, Jo practices his golf swing & Ballplayers in bananas...And, just yesterday:

Tiffany Oshinsky's plea: Save me from Sharknado, Mark Cuban!

Funny, witty, clever, smart, timely, etc. etc. etc. Tiffany Oshinsky does humor and sports the way sport and humor should be done. And, as long as we're around...probably appearing on the Blitz each and every Friday. Katie? Go back to the 2014 satire stuff. Clever is better than 'bitches who can hang' most days of the week.

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